The InComm+ Tool is a web‐based tool analyzing the customer journey of the welcome process of master’s students and PhD candidates at a university. If run annually, the InComm+ Tool can be used to monitor the improvements over the years. The graphical overview per year makes it visible where extra attention is needed.

Need further instructions on how to use the InComm+ tool? Then have a look at our InComm+ tool tutorial!

Collect & Share Your Best Practices

Add in the successful programs already running at your institutions in order to create a collection for future reference. You can do so by adding them in our InComm+ Tool while working on your customer journey!

InComm+ Tool

Receive Some Inspiration

The Customer Journey Model is made of a set of elements, together forming a complete welcome process for incoming Master students and PhD’s. When all elements are taken into account, this could be perceived as ‘the ideal welcome journey’. Download our Customer Journey Model for display on your institution!

Customer Journey Model A3

Customer Journey Model A1

Build Your Customer Journey

Want to join forces and organize a creative session at your institution? Grab our canvas and get your staff to fill in the missing sections to find the overlapping gaps and needs in your programs!

Customer Journey Canvas A3 (3-pager)

Customer Journey Canvas A0 (264 x 91,4 cm for 36″ plotter)

Create a Training Program

Build a training program on the inclusive university culture at your institution. Find out more about our successful staff training and discover the materials needed to implement a training yourself!

Staff Training Program & Materials

Mini Canvas for PhD Supervisors

Establish a Survey or Questionnaire

Are you aware of all the guidance and support programs in existance at your institution? Want to know what your students think about them? Use our surveys and find out!

Survey for stakeholder analysis

Questionnaire for Master students & PhD candidates

Get the Full Picture

Interested in all the little details? Discover our comprehensive guide on the
InComm project to create an inclusive welcome for all newcomers at your

InComm Handbook