The Project

Various academic studies and international surveys have shown the difficulties that newly enrolled international students face upon arriving at their new institutions. Master’s and doctoral students are particularly prone to experience problems in orienting themselves and adapting to new academic and socio-cultural environments. International offices and welcome centres are often the first resource that students use to obtain information to help them get adjusted. But what happens when these institutions are not equipped with the proper resources or tools to get their new incoming students on their feet and ready to start their degree programs?

InComm was established in order to help ease the onboarding of newly enrolled national and international master’s and doctoral students, to improve their feeling of inclusion and to foster the creation of a true international campus and to assist academic and administrative staff in doing the same at their respective institutions.

InComm collected best practices across higher education institutions, developed a customer journey, created training modules and designed an interactive InComm+ Tool to support staff working with national and international students.


How do you see your ideal customer journey? Check it out here!

The InComm+ Tool provides a quick insight into the status of the feeling of belonging of incoming students. This tool gives an overview of the strong and weak points of the institutions welcome processes, and link them directly to projects that can strengthen their Customer Journey. What is the Customer Journey? Check out our Tools Page to find out, or directly start working with the InComm+ Tool!

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