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The Project

Various academic studies and international surveys have shown the difficulties that newly enrolled international students face upon arriving at their new institutions. Master’s and doctoral students are particularly prone to experience problems in orienting themselves and adapting to new academic and socio-cultural environments. International offices and welcome centres are often the first resource that students use to obtain information and help to get adjusted.

InComm was established in order to help ease the onboarding of newly enrolled national and international master’s and doctoral students, to improve their feeling of inclusion and to foster the creation of a true international campus.

InComm will collect best practices across institutions of higher education, develop a customer journey, create training modules and design an interactive InComm+ Tool to support staff working with national and international students.


InComm Initiative Repository

Now online!

Successful Training Programme

Series of workshops and presentation of the Customer Journey met with positive feedback in Graz, Austria.

Project Meeting in Graz

Pre-Training Programme Planning and updates discussed by the InComm Project Team.


Coming Soon: All outputs are currently being developed.

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Catalogue of
Best Practices

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Knowledge specifically about onboarding is still diffuse. There are many initiatives that have been utilized and implemented at each of the InComm partner institutions, as well as at European and non-European universities. One of the goals of InComm is to collect all of this knowledge and make it available to everyone. We are currently developing a repository of initiatives, including initiatives developed in the InComm project.

The InComm team, along with the participants of the online Collective Intelligence Conference, created drafts of the Customer Journeys for PhD and master’s students. View the drafts on the CIC event page:

The training modules will cover the following topics:

  • Improving integration at home
  • Accessibility to universities worldwide
  • Tackling inclusion as well as social differences
  • Supporting academic staff working in the field of welcoming and onboarding
The training modules are currently being developed. Our next meeting regarding this topic will be the “Building the inclusive university culture, from ideas to implementation” Training Programme at TU Graz.

The InComm+ Tool will provide a quick insight into the status of the feeling of belonging for newcomers. The tool will give an insight on the strong and weak points of the institutions welcome process, and link directly to projects that can strengthen the Customer Journey. The InComm+ Tool is currently in development.

Planned Activities


Defining a welcoming process for degree-seeking master’s and PhD students, starting with the application (ca. 3 months before arrival) and ending with onboarding (ca. first 3 months after arrival).


Uniting the many stakeholders with various backgrounds involved in the welcoming and onboarding phases at our campuses.


Uniting and involving the target group (master’s and PhD’s) in all our discussions via sounding bodies and working groups.


Taking into account diversity in all aspects of the project to safeguard inclusion and to avoid biases, whether based on gender, race, ethnicity, religious orientation, sexual orientation, or disabilities.


Identifying key performance indicators to measure how well our communities are integrated, as well as continuously monitoring the status of this integration.


Identifying, developing and implementing best practices in all phases, including the curriculum creation and the development of innovative doctoral training programs.

Project Members

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