Project Results

Throughout this project our partner participants created different modules to help build the perfect customer journey, which was then integrated into our established Incomm+ Tool. Here you can find the different modules we came up with and their coinciding results.

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Survey Results

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Collective Intelligence Conference

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Training Program

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Best Practices

In order to evaluate the impact and the extent of the InComm objectives, surveys were sent to national and international master and PhD students from the academic years 2019/2020-2022/2023. In this survey, three main dimensions were assessed: the level of integration at each university through academic and non-academic activities, the level of integration in the internal and external community, and the feeling of belonging to the community.

The InComm team, along with the participants of the online Collective Intelligence Conference, created drafts of the Customer Journeys for PhD and master’s students. See how we organized the event here.

Students, professors and administrators from universities across Europe gathered at the Graz University of Technology in Austria (TU Graz) to discuss the importance of building an inclusive community. This event involved different workshops and plenary sessions. See what results we established from organizing this event.

Thoughout this project, the partner universities were able to gather a collection of Best Practices, also known as successful running projects and programs, which have been implemented in their universities. Here you can find a collection of these best practices.

Check out our finalized Incomm Handbook to get a full description on how we created and completed “The Incomm Project” so you too can implement a perfect welcome process at your own insitutions!