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The InComm project is implemented by 6 universities coming from different European countries, having different traditions and operating under different national frameworks. At the same time all of the partner institutions are active internationally, attract annually thousands of Master and PhD students from other countries to study and pursue academic carriers in Europe. Together with the large number of incoming students comes understanding that these young professionals shall feel welcomed at every stage of their study process and shall be integrated in social environments at their respective universities as well as socio-economic environment that the institution is a part of – legal framework, culture, accommodation, leisure – everything which makes the life bright, meaningful and enjoyable. The ultimate goal is that international students coming to our institutions are able carry out their studies from day one and become a part of social life of our cities, regions and countries.

We created a website where other institutions can refer back to as a way to not only understand the scope of our project better, but to also use our outcomes and tools to their advantage. They now have the opportunity to take what we’ve learned, what worked and didn’t work to improve their own welcome processes in their institutions. Below you can find our Accessibility Statement and Privacy Policy for setting up this website.

The InComm team, along with the participants of the online Collective Intelligence Conference, created drafts of the Customer Journeys for PhD and master’s students. View the drafts on the CIC event page:

The training modules will cover the following topics:

  • Improving integration at home
  • Accessibility to universities worldwide
  • Tackling inclusion as well as social differences
  • Supporting academic staff working in the field of welcoming and onboarding
The training modules are currently being developed. Our next meeting regarding this topic will be the “Building the inclusive university culture, from ideas to implementation” Training Programme at TU Graz.

The InComm+ Tool will provide a quick insight into the status of the feeling of belonging for newcomers. The tool will give an insight on the strong and weak points of the institutions welcome process, and link directly to projects that can strengthen the Customer Journey. The InComm+ Tool is currently in development.

Meet the InComm Team!

University Partners

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Kick-Off Meeting: Eindhoven, The Netherlands 22-23 October 2019

From 22 to 23 October 2019 Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) hosted the kick-off meeting of the international project InComm to improve the process of welcoming master’s students and Phd candidates to technical universities.

Part of the program meeting included the keynote speech of the Phd candidate Janna Behnke on her research on “How to Create an Inclusive University Climate”. In addition to learning from Behnke’s talk, the team worked on the next steps of the project such as preparing a zero measurement under master’s students and Phd candidates and worked on developing a workshop on “How to Develop the Ideal Welcome Process”.

Team Meeting: Graz, Austria 29 March 2022

12 people stand on the sidewalk in front of a tree in full bloom
InComm team members gather for a group picture in sunny spring Graz weather.
One man presents a powerpoint slide while others listen in a classroom setting.
Rui presents the preliminary results of the 3rd student survey while the rest of the team members listen attentively.

The InComm Team met in Graz before the Training Programme to discuss the pending results of the third student survey, gather best practices from the partner universities, as well as to share general updates. Preparations were made and brainstorming meetings were disseminated before the Training Programme the following day.

Team Meeting: Cascais, Portugal 29 – 30 September 2022

Presentation from the company Bureau Moeilijke Dingen (BMD) from Eindhoven, The Netherlands travels to Cascais, Portugal to present the development of Incomm’s Incomm+ Tool.

The Incomm team separates into different groups to finalize the Incomm project and revamp the website to make it more user-friendly for visiting institutions.

During Incomm’s final team meeting, the project partners worked on organizing their final event taking place in Barcelona to present the results of the Incomm Project. The team also worked on how to enhance the develops and showcase the new Incomm+ Tool for the event and the website.


Below you can find more pictures taken during our Training Program in Graz, Austria.

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