Collective Intelligence Conference
Interactive Online Conference

February 2021

This conference brought together a variety of stakeholders and practitioners from different European Institutions to exchange and discuss the welcoming and onboarding processes for international master’s and doctoral students.

What is the Collective Intelligence Conference?

During the Collective Intelligence Conference we drafted the ideal customer journey for masters and PhD’s. We’re using the input of all participants, that’s why we call it collective intelligence. During the whole event, our moderators, supported by a team of students, collected ideas, best practices and presented them to the entire group. 

We developed two Customer Journeys: 

  • Master’s Track: The Ideal Welcome Process for Master’s Students
  • PhD Track: The Ideal Welcome Process for PhD’s

Expert Meeting Results

During the conference, an expert meeting was held on each of the following topics: Admissions, Intro Programs, the International Classroom, and Onboarding. Below you will find illustrated minutes from what was discussed in each of these meetings.

Customer Journeys

After a week of conferring with the conference participants virtually, the following draft Customer Journeys were created from the discussions held in each expert meeting and collected in Jamboard form:

We are working on taking all of the information contained in these images and converting it into a format that is accessible and more easily understandable, so that it can then be implemented at all partner universities.

Event Program

To read more details about this event, please see the event program.

Thank you!

Finally, to all participants – Thank you!! We are grateful for your input and we are excited to take this input and refine it into an implementable Customer Journey.